Wilmslow High School is a Community School and our “admissions authority” is Cheshire East Council. For full details of their policy and practices on School Admissions please click here.

The standard admissions number in Years 7 – 11 for Wilmslow High School is 300.

Where schools are over-subscribed, the Local Authority will use the following criteria in prioritising applications from parents expressing a preference for the school:

  1. ‘Cared for Children’ (a child who is the care of a Local Authority or provided with accommodation by the authority) and those who were previously cared for
  2. siblings
  3. children resident within the designated catchment area of the school
  4. children not resident within a school’s local catchment area but attending a school nominated  as a partner school for admissions purposes
  5. students living nearest to the school measured using an ordnance survey address – point system which measures straight line distances

Where a school cannot accommodate all pupils qualifying under one of the criteria stated above, the next criteria will also be applied to determine priority for admission. For example, if a school cannot accommodate all children resident within the catchment area (criterion 3), the priority will be in the order of:

  • resident in the catchment area (criterion 3) attending a feeder school (4) and living nearest to the school (5)
  • resident in the catchment area (criterion 3) not attending a feeder school (4) and living nearest to the school (5)

All applicants within each criterion will be put into a distance order, with priority being given to those that live nearest to the school, as stated in criterion 5 above. Where it is identified that there are a limited number of places available and the Local Authority cannot differentiate between the applications using the distance criterion (criterion 5) a random allocation tie-breaker will be applied. This may be required for example, where applicants reside in the same block of flats.

Secondary Transfer Timetable

The timetable for secondary transfer will follow the present pattern, as follows:

  • late October – parents will be asked to express their preference(s) and reasons
  • early March – parents will be informed of the school at which a place has been allocated, and advised of their right to appeal against the decision.

In Year Admissions

The relevant page on the Cheshire East website can be accessed by clicking here.

For school places other than when your child is transferring from primary to secondary education applications  for a school place should be made via Cheshire East website using the in year application form or by telephone to Admissions on 0300 123 5012.

If the year group is not full, in line with published admission arrangements, a place will be offered by Cheshire East Council and parents will then be asked to contact the school directly to make an appointment.

If the year group is full parents will be notified in writing of the refusal to admit and a right of appeal will be offered.

For more information on ‘In Year Admissions’ for Years 7 – 11, please contact Mrs Yarwood at

Admission to the Sixth Form

External applicants should contact Mrs Flannery at or 01625 441070.

Follow this link to our Sixth Form Admissions page.