Performing Arts Soiree

This Wednesday and Thursday (14th & 15th February) the Performing Arts Soiree will take place in the main hall.

This is a new event and we hope that it will be well supported by parents and the wider community.

The event starts each night at 7.00pm.

For more information contact

Public consultation regarding the formation of School Academies and a Local Multi-Academy Trust

Dear parents / carers,
Public consultation regarding the formation of School Academies and a Local Multi-Academy Trust
We would like to invite you to engage in the consultation regarding the formation of school academies and a local multi-academy trust via the email link provided in the consultation document that can be downloaded from this link:
MAT Consultation Letter – parents and carers – 15 January 2018
As part of this process, our school will be holding a consultation event on Tuesday 23rd January at 6.00 pm in the Main Hall
This will be an opportunity to:
·         Receive a presentation outlining the reasons for this proposal
·         Provide an opportunity for you to raise any queries that are not covered in the FAQs published on the consultation website
Please note that we will seek to answer these collectively and therefore will take any queries away from this event and then they will be added to the FAQ published on the consultation website.
Yours sincerely
J. H Pullé                                                                    D Bennett
Headteacher, Wilmslow High School                   Chair of Governors, Wilmslow High School

Year 10 Work Experience

If you were unable to attend either of the two presentations held for Year 10 Work Experience on Tuesday 21st November, attached is the link to the Power Point.

If you have any questions about Work Experience, please contact: Mrs Stephens direct line is 01625 444166.

or by email:


Student Data Collection Forms

In the summer term, students were given data collection forms to take home to be checked by parents/carers and returned to school.  The information in these forms ensures we have the most up-to-date information in relation to a student’s emergency contacts and medical information.  This signed document also allows us to take students on low risk non-residential visits without the need for an additional contact/medical form being completed.  If you have not yet returned this form, please do so as soon as possible.  If you would like a copy of the form to check please contact John Adams on


School Uniform

School uniform supply arrangements have changed.

How do I purchase replacement school uniform now?

Express Uniform should be contacted by phone (01625 744 888) or online:

How do I purchase replacement PE kit now?

The current Puma branded PE kit is now available at a discounted price from the school PrintWorks shop. To purchase any items of the current PE kit contact a member of the school PrintWorks team to place an order and arrange a collection time: 01625 441 059