Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning at Wilmslow High School

Teaching at Wilmslow High School

An important element of our School Improvement Plan is our commitment to being a Professional Learning School. For this reason, commitment to high quality professional learning about teaching and learning is central to what we do.

Our teaching is focused on the following teaching routines for excellence:

Whilst we are aiming to develop in our students the learning routines for excellence below:

Both teaching and learning emphasise the importance of:

  • Student practice
  • Effective retrieval habits built into lessons and students’ independent practice

More on the link between effective student practice and fluent learning can be found at this link.

How do we share with our parents our thinking on effective teaching and learning?

Expectation Evenings

We use Expectations Evenings to share information with parents on teaching and assessment.    Expectations Evenings can apply both across year groups when focused on effective teaching, learning and retrieval, and within year groups when focused on the teaching and assessment schedule for a particular year group.

During this period of Covid restrictions our Expectations Evenings take the form of videos and the 2021-22 Expectations Evenings videos can be found here.

Smart Learning

We want our parents and carers to understand how effective learning and retrieval occur so that they can best support their children.  Please click here for information on Smart Learning.