Message for Year 13 – 14th August 2020

Dear Year 13,

We thought that you would appreciate an update as we continue to navigate our way through the 2020 grade awarding process.

On Thuesday 13th August you received your Calculated Grades and we focused on providing support for those of you with UCAS and clearing queries, and grade concerns.  Thank you very much for the mature way that you responded on a very busy day which we know was very stressful for some of you.  We will continue to have staff available on site to offer support where this is needed tomorrow.

A number of your have requested your Centre Assessed Grades so we will be releasing these tomorrow afternoon to all students.  Please remember that these Centre Assessed Grades were determined following the guidance provided to schools by Ofqual.  You can access a copy of the letter about the Centre Assessed Grade process that Ofqual originally published in April by clicking the following link:

If you would like to opt out of receiving your Centre Assessed Grades please could you email:

If it would be useful to you to have this information tomorrow morning for clearing queries, we will be issuing Centre Assessed Grades to students on site from 9 am in the DT block.  Please could you be mindful of the needs of other students and only use this service if it is necessary for your university queries. In addition, please also remember that we will be operating with appropriate social and physical distancing.

Please note that Centre Assessed Grades are data personal to you, consequently we are required to distribute them only to you unless we have received written authorisation from you to release your results to someone representing you.

As you will be aware, the government have this week introduced a ‘Triple lock’ into the grading process.  Ofqual are intending to release information on what this will mean in practice early next week, and we will be in touch with you on your school email account when we know more.

If you have any queries, please do continue to use this email address:

Of you can call school on this direct dial number 01625 444162.

You have our support, and as Dr Pulle has written here on the school website, we are very proud of you!

With best wishes,

Ms R Powley

Year 13 – we are proud of you!

Everyone at Wilmslow High School is very proud of all that our students have achieved and the contribution they have made to our community throughout their school career. 

Never in my lifetime have a cohort of Year 13 students been required to live through such remarkable circumstances as our world as a whole has faced during 2020.  In the long run I am very confident that the Class of 2020 will be that much stronger for having lived through these incredible times. 

The results from the Awarding Bodies distributed today have been among the best the school has seen which is a credit to the sustained hard work of our students over time and the support that they have received from our staff. 

The process of ensuring that our students are ready to embark on the next stage of their learning has already seen the vast majority of them with places in university or apprenticeships confirmed; we will continue to support those still exploring the opportunities now available to them. 

We thank our young people for all that they have contributed and achieved during their time at Wilmslow and we give them our best wishes for the future. 

Yours sincerely,

J. H. Pullé


How can uniform and sports kit be bought over the summer holiday?

Over the summer break, Express Uniform will be operating ‘pop-up’ shops from the school’s High Options area.

PE kit orders will also be available for collection from the Printworks office in school.

The opening times for both the pop-up shops and Printworks are detailed on this school website link.

This page will be updated next week to confirm how appointments can be made to collect orders.


School Uniform Pop Up Shop 2020

Enter via outside High Options Doors

Monday               17 August 2020        11 – 3pm

Tuesday               18 August 2020       11 – 3pm

Wednesday         19 August 2020        11 – 3pm

Thursday            20 August 2020       11 – 3pm

Friday                  21 August 2020       11 – 3pm

Monday              24 August 2020       11 – 3pm

Tuesday              25 August 2020       11 – 3pm

Wednesday         26 August 2020        11 – 3pm

Thursday            27 August 2020       11 – 3pm

Friday                 28 August 2020       11 – 3pm

Express Uniform Ltd
8-10 Gatley Road

Tel: 01625 754 888



When will we be publishing further information about the start of the new school year?

In addition to the information included within High Notes Issue 40 of 17th July 2020, there will be many more details that you and your children will need and want to know before September consequently we will be publishing on Friday 21st August an updated version of the Student Return to School Guide and a detailed programme for the first two weeks of term.

This publication schedule will also enable us to respond to any further guidance for schools from the Department for Education released over the summer holidays and share details of the continuing works programme that will be taking place over the summer to further enhance our Covid-19 control measures.

Cheshire East school travel survey – planning for September 2020

Cheshire East Council would like all of our parents / carers to complete this short travel to/from school survey to help them understand our students’ current travel arrangements and to help identify alternative options from September.

Their requested deadline for completion is Wednesday 22nd July.