Attendance – Additional Information (September 2021)


At Wilmslow High School great emphasis is placed on the importance of good attendance. Students need to be present in school to maximise their individual opportunities for fulfilling  potential. 

Good attendance is seen as an achievement in its own right, with rewards given either individuallor within  tutor groups. Students achieving 100attendance over specified periods are eligible to be entered into termly draws with exceptional prizes and also receive certificates each term to mark this  achievement. 

Detailed below are the procedures in place to ensure that registers accurately reflect a student’s attendance record. Parent/Carer assistance in adhering to these guidelines imuch  appreciated. 

am registration 

    • All students must attend AM registration in their Form Rooms a08.45 to receive an attendance mark  for the morning session. 
    • Any student arriving after 09.05 mussign in at Student  Services. 
    • Any student arriving after 08.45, but before 09.15, without good reason, will receivlate mar– which can lead to a referral. 
    • Any student arriving after 09.15, without a good reason, will receive a late after registration has closed mark – which calead to a referral and which is also classed as an unauthorised absence (please see below for implications of unauthorised absence). 
pm registration 
  • All students must be present in PM registration in their ForRooms at 15.00 to receive an attendance mark for the afternoon session. 
Leaving school during school hours 
  • Any student leaving schooduring thhourof 08.45 and 15.10 (close of day) must  sign  out  at  Student Services and provide written evidence for the  reason. 
  • Any student returning to schooon thsame day, must sign back in at Student  Services. 
Absence – Dedicated attendance line: 01625 441089 Email: 
  • If a student is to be absent from school because of illness, a Parent/Carer should contacschool each day of the absence – initially tadvise threason and thereafter, on each day, to confirthat the  student continues to be unwell 
  • If a student is absent without reason, a truancy text seeking explanation will be sent out daily 
  • If a student itbe absent from school for medical appointment, a Parent/Carer should contact school in advance to detail and confirm the appointment 
  • Any absence which has not been advised by a Parent/Carer, and which remains unaccounted for, will be recorded as unauthorised (please see below for implications of unauthorised absence) 
  • The Education Welfare Officer carefully monitors unauthorised absence, any accumulation of which  can lead to the issue of a Fixed Penalty Notice (please see below for details of Fixed Penalty Notices ) 
  • Permission from the Headteacher will not generally be given for students to go on holiday during term time. 
  • At Wilmslow High School we take our responsibility regarding the safeguarding of our students seriously. For this reason the guidelines above have been established in  order that we  can, at any timeaccount for a student’s whereabouts 


 Taking children on holiday in term time and potential consequences of unexplained absence 

 A Guide for Parents and Carers 
We aim at Wilmslow High School to provide a stimulating  education, nurturing communitand rewarding set  of experiences that makes it natural for students to have good attendance. 
Nevertheless, it is also important to appreciate that we have to operate within a tight legal framework and the following has been produced to provide clear information about this: 
Legal Framework 
The Education Act 1996 makes it a criminal offence for a Parent/Guardian to: 
“fail to secure their child’s regular attendance at school”. 
The amendments to the 2006 Regulations of The Education Act 1996 make it clear that: Headteachers may not grant any leave of absence (holiday) during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. 
Implications for Parents and Carers 
Parents/Carers have no entitlement to take their child out of school for a holiday itertime and the Headteacher and Governing Body are required to determine whether a circumstance is ‘exceptional’ or not. 
Parents/Carers are requested to submit any request for leave during term timin writing to the Headteacher, whose decision will be final. 
If Parents/Carerscontrary to the school decision, still decide to take their child ouof school thethabsence will be coded as an unauthorised leave of absence. This may lead to the school referring the matter to the Local Authority requesting a Fixed Penalty Notice to be issued. 
Similarly, any accumulation of absences, for which no genuine reasons have been provided, may lead to the school referring the matter to thLocaAuthority requesting a Fixed Penalty Notice to be issued for unauthorised absence. For this reason it is imperative that Parents/Carers  advise  school  if  a  student iabsent  through illness or attending a  medical appointment. 

Penalties for unauthorised absence 


One child 

Two children 

Paid within 21 days 

£60 per parent/guardian 

£60 per child = £120 per parent 

After 21 days and before 28 days 

£120 per parent/guardian 

£120 per child £240 peparent 

After 28 days 

You will receive summontappear in the Magistrates’ Court on the grounds that you have failed to secure you childregular attendance. 

You will receive summons tappear before the Magistrates’ Court on the grounds that you have failed to secure your childrenregular attendance.