Equality Policy and Inclusion Quality Mark

At Wilmslow High School we seek to pursue excellence for every student every day.

In doing so we are:

  • Dedicated to learning
  • Guided by values
  • Striving to serve

The pursuit of excellence for all emphasises that equality is about much more than simply narrowing gaps in examination performance. Rather the pursuit of excellence seeks to

  • foster aspirations,
  • maximise opportunity,
  • nurture positive relationships and
  • promote wellbeing.

The Inclusion Quality Mark Programme provides a monitoring, evaluation and action planning framework designed to promote equality objectives throughout all aspects of school life.

The eight elements of the Inclusion Quality Mark are:

  • Element 1: The Inclusion Values and Practice of the School
  • Element 2: The Learning Environment, Resources and ICT
  • Element 3: Learner Attitudes, Values and Personal Development
  • Element 4: Learner Progress and the Impact on Learning
  • Element 5: Learning and Teaching
  • Element 6: Parents, Carers and Guardians
  • Element 7: Governing Body and Management: External Accountability/Support
  • Element 8: The School in the Community

 Wilmslow High School has the following record of external assessment against the IQM framework:

  • June 2014 – awarded Centre of Excellence status for three years (with annual review)
  • May 2015 – awarded Flagship status for three years (with annual review)

To achieve this high level of recognition it is necessary for a school to:

  • Be committed to sustaining the Inclusion Quality Mark ethos through collaborative activities.
  • Have demonstrable plans to sustain and develop inclusive internal practice.
  • Have good mechanisms to disseminate and share good practice between the schools.
  • Have, or are able to develop, the capacity to share and disseminate good inclusion practice across a broader cluster of schools.
  • Be willing to engage in classroom level research activity that explores inclusive practice.
  • Agree to have an annual Inclusion Quality Mark visit to ratify or validate the progress and develop an annual plan for development.
  • Agree to contribute an annual written update of progress against the ten elements as the basis for the annual review.
  • Be prepared to contribute to the overall development aims of Inclusion Quality Mark, supporting the need for expertise or trialling practice.

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The following documents provide:

  • a summary of the evidence provided to the external assessor
  • the record of the judgements made by the external assessor
  • the recommendations for action

IQM summary report for Wilmslow High – June 2014

IQM full report on Wilmslow High – June 2014

IQM – Centre of Excellence Review – Wilmslow High – May 2015

IQM – Wilmslow High School Review – May 2016

These documents also fulfil our obligations under the Equality Act 2010 to

  • demonstrate how the school complies with the Public Sector Equality Duty
  • prepare and publish equality objectives

For further details on this please click below to download the current school Accessibility Plan:

Wilmslow High School Accessibility Plan 2014-2017